Why Snacks?

Why Snacks?

Access and Equity

Snacks recognize and value the diversity of all learners. To address the unique challenges and barriers that are faced by youth in education, project and support material have been designed to help students overcome hindrances and experience success. By providing, both print and online resources in English and Spanish, learners have access to the resources they need.


Captivate learners by making thinking visible with Snacks. Optimize progress for PK-12 students with dynamic hands-on learning experiences that allow them to discover, create, and improve. 

Affordable and Safe

Through extensive research and testing, all materials have been sourced for superior quality. Materials are allergen-safe and hygienically pre-packaged to fit your budget.

Our Story

Snacks is an initiative of FutureMakers, a Baltimore-based team of maker education coaches that support classrooms and educators with hands-on learning supports, tools, materials and creative technologies. With access to schools changing, the FutureMakers team has expanded it’s mission to ensure that families and students are able to experience high-quality, material-rich hands-on learning at home – with our without an internet connection.

Our Impact

Working with school districts, state and local agencies school and community-based meal distribution initiatives, we’ve distributed over 100,000 snacks in less than three months. Learn more about one of our partnership with Young Audiences and Baltimore City Schools that resulted in over 20,000 students receiving Arts and Learning snacks during the early days of the COVID-19 crisis.

See what others have to say!

Snacks have made an incredible impact on student autonomy and self-esteem. They are making connections with the world around them and finding ways to express their unique ideas.

Kristen Filipovich
BCPS Elementary Art Educator

Students are craving engagement.” With Snacks, they are experiencing now what they can’t experience in the regular school year.The resource of the Slides had great real-world connections to share with students.

Brendan Penn
2018-2019 BCPS TOTY, STEM Teacher