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A pack of Snacks that lasts! Explore four hours of hands-on STEAM.

Each includes printed English and Spanish instructions, and access to our library of self-paced video flipbooks in English and Spanish. School-level packs include access to ready-to-lead slide decks, workshop presentations and standards-aligned resources. All arrive in hygienic and durable resealable packages.

Join levers, fulcra and customize cardboard components to build an Art Machine!

Engineer a structure made of lines, 2-D shapes and 3-D forms with Straw Structures!

Explore the principles of flight, stored potential and released kinetic energy with a Flying Machine!

Investigate forces with pneumatics (or hydraulics!) to create a Monster Mouths!

Apply the engineering design process with circuits, balanced and unbalanced forces to create a Wigglebot!

Each Snack Pack includes:

Art Machines Colorful adhesive strips, paper fasteners, die-cut cardboard components.
Straw Structures Two pistons, plastic tubing, craft stick, colorful adhesive, and cardboard.
Flying Machines 50 unique plastic connectors and 80 clear plastic straws in a reclosable package.
Monster Mouths Wind-up propeller, craft sticks, colorful adhesive strips, paper clip, rubber band & fuselage.

1.5v - 3v motor with wires, 1.5 v battery, reclaimed rubber battery band, thermoplastic motor weight, colorful adhesive strips and craft sticks in a sealed cup.

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